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Blues Bash

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Duke Robillard has defined himself as not merely a great artist, but also a true historian, scholar and curator who is adept at electric and acoustic blues, jazz, jump, swing, ballads and standards. Grammy-nominated and a five-time winner of the Blues Award, over his 50 plus year career Duke has been a prolific songwriter and is considered a blues guitar master. Duke continues to be a sought after side-man and featured guest.

Duke has admitted that his concept for this album was to make a straight vintage style blues album: danceable rhythms, no hook-laden songs... basically a blues party album.

As always, the music is impeccable, classy and powerful. Two stellar horn sections, searing guitar and organ solos, boogie woogie piano and guest vocalists Chris Cote and Michelle Willson. Duke is in his element here, displaying his authority, versatility, passion and virtuosity. Not only is Blues Bash the kind of album that made so many blues fans fall in love with Duke’s music, it’s a career highlight from one of the world’s best.

What people are saying

"For any blues/roots fan, Blues Bash with Duke Robillard & Friends is something to treasure, a journey into another world that will carry you effortlessly across an ocean of soulful sounds. "

- Chris Wheatley, Rock and Blues Muse

“DUKE ROBILLARD/Blues Bash …this is a loaded time capsule from when rock was fun before it was even rock. Yep, it's a non stop killer diller of a date.” 

- Chris Spector Midwest Record

“More great blues music arrives from Grammy-nominated artist Duke Robillard in the form of his latest release "Blues Bash!" It features ten tracks that carry that classic fifties/sixties-style, boogie-woogie vibe”

- JP’s Music Blog

“This is an album that lovers of blues in the traditional sense should enjoy. When you’ve been playing this stuff for 50+ years, you’re bound to have worked out the kinks…and Blues Bash! Goes down like a well-aged bourbon. I highly recommend it.”

- Bill Wilson,  Reflections in Blue

“… Bash! comprises a smart vision…. The material from start (Ike Turner's "Do You Mean It") to finish is wholly satisfying, and well suited to anyone who needs a good shot of the true blues.” 

- Jerome Clarke,  
“Top 20 Album 2020”

Robillard continues to make superlative recordings. Blues Bash! Is among his finest. “ 

- Richard Ludmerer ,Making A Scene 
“Blue Bash! Top Recordings of 2020”

“…with his new album, Blues Bash!…The music, as always, is impeccable and well-produced. Robillard’s guitar solo’s are creative and powerful and they continue to be highlights of any of his releases….Blues Bash is well above that level and should provide enjoyment for any aficionado of the blues.” 

- David Bowling,  Cashbox Reviews 
Rating: ****

The Duke Robillard Band
They Call It Rythm & Blues
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Listen to the Single 'Dallas Man"

Anyone who knows Duke’s music, will immediately smile at the first few seconds of the opening track “Here I’m Is” from the new album They Called It Rhythm & Blues, available from Stony Plain Records on March 18, 2022. It’s that joyous jump-blues shuffle sound that Duke has been perfecting since the late 60s. Indeed, every song on this generous 18-song album is about the groove, master musicianship, great understated taste and a perfect band mix that always complements the pulse and the singer. Duke’s guitar is at the centre and brings it all together.

For a lifetime Duke Robillard has been playing the jazzy corners of the blues. He was a founder of Roomful of Blues in the early 1970s, and replaced Jimmy Vaughan in the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1990s and was a core member of the New Guitar Summit through the 2000s, in addition to releasing an astounding 37 albums on his own. He has won the W.C. Handy Award as Best Blues Guitarist an astounding four times, and been nominated for two Best Blues Album Grammy Awards. He is credited with taking the blues to a new level for multiple generations of blues guitarists.

Watch the video for 'No Good Lover' Featuring Sue Foley


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