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July 31, 2020

Paul Reddick & The Gamblers

Alive In Italia

Released July 20, 2020

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Alive in Italia is an album of far flung friends playing music together at a beautiful theatre in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. The album title reflects the inspired spirit of the recording, it is a celebration of the magic of people and place. The live band is made up of Paul Reddick, vocals and harmonica, Steve Marriner, guitar, and Tony D, guitar, who live in Canada and “The Gamblers”; Gab D, bass and Andrea Costanzo, drums, who both live in Italy.

Paul has been accompanied by the Gamblers (also featuring, Guitar Ray Scona) on many European tours since 2010, and they have become close friends through the years. Steve Marriner and Tony D are members of the Canadian blues rock band “MonkeyJunk”, who Paul has collaborated with as writer of on both of their Juno Award winning albums.

Both Paul and MonkeyJunk were on tour in Europe in 2018 and decided to extend their visits and put together the band featured on Alive In Italia, and a beautiful friendship was born. One year later they were back together again, and a live album was dreamt of, then recorded in concert at Museo Tornielli, Ameno, Novara, Italy; November 10th, 2019.

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