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I'm Vaccinated & I'm Ready For Love!
Maria Muldaur
"As I drove away from receiving my second vaccination shot, I was immediately overwhelmed with an immense feeling of Liberation. Exhilaration, Lightness and Joy! It was a beautiful Spring day, so I rolled back my sunroof to enjoy the ride, and before I knew it I spontaneously started singing 'Vaccinated and I'm ready for love' at the top of my lungs all the way home! I sort of chuckled to myself and forgot about it, but the next day the refrain returned and I found myself singing it throughout the day! I realized this was a pretty catchy refrain that wouldn't go away so I called my guitar player Craig Caffal and told him 'I've got the title and I've got the hook! Help me write the song!' He did and we recorded it, and made a video to go with it.

It is my hope that it will be a useful message in convincing vaccination reluctant folks of yet another good reason to get vaccinated! If all the other good and common sense reasons of protecting loved ones, children, the elderly, etc. didn't do it , perhaps the thought of being liberated to safely resume/ pursue a happy active love life will be the motivation that does the trick!"
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