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Last updated: 2 September 2010

Privacy Policy

Our beliefs

Stony Plain Records believes that your personal information deserves to be protected. We want to be open and transparent with you.

Data collected

Several third parties will collect certain information from you as you use our website:

  • For online store order processing, we use Internet$ecure to handle your private data securely. They host and manage secure servers, which use data encryption to keep your financial data safe, and private - we don't even have access to your card number, expiry date, CVN, etc. When you make an order they will collect your personal information on our behalf. Information required to fulfil the order, that's everything but card specifics (we do find out what type of card you used though), is then transmitted to us both via email, and to our website. We do this to ensure the highest security for your card information, whilst providing a cost effective solution to order fulfilment for your online purchases.
  • We use and store your ip-address to deduce your country of origin. We do this to customise the site for your territory and to enforce download limits on certain downloadable products.
  • We take advantage of Google Analytics. They collect a lot of information about your internet connection, please visit their site for more information. This data is summarised, and not used to uniquely identify you. We do this to allow us to prioritise updating work on our website, for usage statistics, to trend access methods. In other words, to build a general picture of our users, and with no intent to personalise the data - we're interested in trends, not individuals.
  • We use some tools from Facebook, Twitter and Apple iTunes. Consequently your usage data could be collected by them when accessing our site. We do this to enhance for the social web, and to offer digital downloads.
  • We are hosted on a Shared Server leased to us from Telus Hosting. They consequently store all access logs associated with the server. We use a third party hosting solution as our traffic levels do not justify a dedicated server on our own (physical) site.
  • Our newsletters are created, hosted, and sent out via MyMailout. Accessing our newsletters will allow them to collect and see certain usage information. We use them to reduce our costs for newsletter management.
  • All communication with our website will go through various computers on it's way to and from. We have no control on what data will be stored by those machines.
  • There may be other third parties that we have either partnered with, or which you will use through the use of the internet to access our site, that collect some usage data. We will only partner with additional companies if we believe they offer both you and us, a service that is beneficial to each of us.

Data requirements

  • You are not required to provide any personally identifying information about yourself until you place an order.
  • If you turn off cookies a lot of the usage information that we, and third parties, attempt to collect will not happen. If you take this action you will be unable to use our online store.

Data usage

  • We do not sell, rent, or make available any of your personal information to anyone else. Your information is yours! The only exception is when your credit card is processed, as stated above.
  • We may give general usage statistics to third parties to help them assess our needs and requirements, to promote our services, or for any other business reason. This data will not include specifics on you.
  • We reserve the right to cooperate with local, provincial and national officials in any investigation requiring either personal information provided when you place an order or reports about lawful or unlawful visitor activities on this site.

Store Policies


Nobody likes tax, so we've included it in our listed prices where appropriate (Canadian orders). This means you won't be charged any extra for GST, HST or PST. Making it more reasonable for you, and easier for us!


Shipping costs are now included in our online pricing!

Your items will be shipped via Canada Post surface. Contact us to arrange for different shipping methods. We will be happy to ship your order however you want. We will bill your credit card the difference between the above shipping charges and the actual shipping charges.


We’re easy to get along with at Stony Plain Records. If you receive a damaged or defective item, we want it back! And even if something is not damaged or defective, you can still return it as long as it has not been opened. Just return the item with the original invoice (email) and in the condition in which you received it. Be sure to tell us why you are returning it though.

Please send all returns to:

Stony Plain Records
Box 861
Edmonton AB  T5J 2L8

All refunds, will be credited to the credit card used for your purchase. We will process your refund quickly and send you an email upon completion. If you give an insufficient or incorrect address and the package is returned, you will be charged to resend the package to the correct address.


We will post any updates to any of these policies to this website. If you have any concerns, please contact us.