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Gary Fjellgaard & Valdy



Two of the best-loved folk and country artists in Canada combine their talents once again.


This is the relaxed, easy-going, follow-up to the Stony Plain CD “Contenders” — which has been a consistent seller since it was released eight years ago.


They call this “Western Roots music” and it appeals to the streak of rugged independence, generosity and warmth that mark the folk who buy music of Ian Tyson and Corb Lund.


The pair, both based in BC, tour consistently across the country, playing everything from major country festivals to intimate folk clubs.


Separately and individually, they play close to 300 dates a year.


These are warm-hearted (and mostly original) songs that cross easily between the country and folk genres.


Gary Fjellgaard is a member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.


Valdy has recorded 14 albums — including this one — and sold more than half a million units. He has earned two Juno Awards.

Contenders Two - Still In The Running

Contenders Two - Still In The Running
SPCD 1321
Genre: Folk
Released: 3 April 2007
  1. For The Love Of It (Listen to mp3 clip) (2:48)
  2. River, Stay 'Way From My Door (2:22)
  3. You Only Live Once In A While (2:59)
  4. VLT (2:33)
  5. The Fever (4:11)
  6. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (2:53)
  7. Seven Spanish Angels (3:14)
  8. Billy Miner (3:40)
  9. Them Old Songs (2:32)
  10. Bay Of Sails (2:50)
  11. Still In The Running (Listen to mp3 clip) (3:08)


Yorkton This Week
By Calvin Daniels
"They Are Consummate Performers."


SPCD 1262
Genre: Folk
  1. The Boys Of Rhythm (2:44)
  2. Wind From The West (3:09)
  3. Contenders (Listen to mp3 clip) (3:49)
  4. Wonderland (2:37)
  5. Heartbroken Hero (2:37)
  6. Can't PullThis Train (3:16)
  7. Goodness Knows (Listen to mp3 clip) (3:19)
  8. Islanders (2:43)
  9. An Islander (2:35)
  10. Tried And True (3:09)
  11. King Of The Road (2:07)