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The Paperboys


The Paperboys are a five piece band from Vancouver, Canada who bring the traditional sounds of the fiddle, accordion, flute, mandolin and banjo together with the energy of guitar, bass and drums to deliver a unique Celtic, bluegrass, folk, pop blend which they describe as STOMP.

The success of their first independently - released album, ruefully titled Late As Usual won the band its reputation on college and campus radio, and it was a Top Ten Indie seller on charts across Canada in 1995 - 96; to date it's sold more than 13,000 copies

With the release of their second album, MOLINOS, in Canada and the United States on the Stony Plain label and the earning of a 1998 Juno Award for Best Roots/Traditional Group, the band has moved forward to the next level of a career that's moving upward with all the speed of the final reel at a ceilidh. Previously the same disc won the band the West Coast Music Award for Best Roots/Traditional Album.

The Paperboys were formed in late 1992 by Tom Landa (lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin) shortly after he moved to Vancouver from Mexico City. In addition to bringing Spanish flair to the music, Tom writes the majority of the songs and fronts the band with charismatic style.

The Paperboys have more than a dozen North American tours behind them with a dedicated following at the grass roots level. The band's high-energy show has become a favorite wherever they play, winning over not only fans and critics but club owners and promoters as well. Endless touring and a positive hard working attitude brought them to Fleming Tamulavitch, the go-getting Ann Arbor-based agency that has played such a significant part in bringing Ani DeFranco to international success.

A rock producer was an unlikely choice for a Celtic band, yet John Webster's (Tom Cochrane, Pure, Rymes with Orange) pop sensibilities allowed for a seamless fusion of contemporary drum loops and electric guitars together with traditional instruments and original songs.

Moreover, the record truly captures the high energy and exceptional musicianship of the live show. The album sees the band maturing as songwriters, skillfully shifting from socio-political issues, to powerful feelings of grief and morning, to inspired moments of love and intimate relationships. MOLINOS also features a Celtic Bluegrass version of the Beatles' "i've just seen a face," as well as two songs co-written with Annette Ducharme, the diamond selling (one million copies) co-writer of such hits like Tom Cochrane's Sinking Like A Sunset.


SPCD 1264
Genre: Celtic Rock
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  1. Living Proof
  2. The Cop, The Scot, The Gal and her Neighbour
  3. Santiago a Sevilla
  4. Goodbye
  5. Falling Down (Listen to mp3 clip)
  6. Still the Night
  7. Triste Cancion
  8. Le Muton Noir
  9. Mary
  10. Standing Here
  11. Cantares
  12. Foxhunters' Waltz
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SPCD 1243
Genre: Celtic Rock
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  1. Molinos
  2. Salvation
  3. Waste Some Time
  4. I've Just Seen A Face
  5. Same 4 Everyone
  6. Annabell's Reel/Theme Time
  7. Crashing Down
  8. While You Were Sleeping
  9. The Breathing Method
  10. The Jaunt
  11. After The First Time You Lose
  12. Drunken Wagoneer
  13. Pound A Week Rise
  14. Swallow's Tail Jig/Cabin Fever Ceilidh/Swallow's Tail Reel
  15. Oh Maria
  16. Ray's Ukrainian Wine Cellar Polka/Nelli's Afterthought
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