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Sonny Rhodes


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Born in Smithville, Texas, in 1940, Sonny made his first record, for an indie label in Austin, when he was 18. His folks had been sharecroppers; he was seeking a better life, and he was playing in local blues clubs before he graduated from high school. He then joined the navy, and after his stint in the armed forces he stayed in California, where he had been stationed.

After learning bass and guitar, he discovered the lap steel; today he is one of the very few blues players who play the instrument, and it gives his music a unique sound.

A regular nominee at the Blues Awards (previously the W.C. Handy Awards), he has played some 250 dates in a year.

On stage, with his bejeweled turban and some of the most colourful suits any tailor could create, he cuts a dashing figure — and one that provides a contrast to the gritty power of the songs he writes and the music he makes.

Good Day To Play The Blues

Good Day To Play The Blues
SPCD 1273
Genre: Blues
Released: 13 August 2001
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  1. Big Bag O' Blues (Listen to mp3 clip)
  2. Love And Harmony (Listen to mp3 clip)
  3. She's Not Happy Unless She's Sad (Listen to mp3 clip)
  4. Driving Two Ways On A One-Way Street
  5. Honey Do Woman
  6. Ten Pounds Of Love (In A Five-Pound Sack)
  7. I Bleed Blue
  8. If The Blues Fits, Wear It
  9. I Wanna Get Your Boogie
  10. Win-Win Situation
  11. Good Man, Good Woman
  12. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  13. Good Day To Sing And Play The Blues (Van Fire Blues)
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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond
SPCD 1257
Genre: Blues
Released: 11 May 1999
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  1. Meet Me at the 10th Street Inn (3:17)
  2. Shame on You (4:34)
  3. Blues is My Religion (3:52)
  4. Blue Diamond (4:25)
  5. Back Where You Come From (3:54)
  6. Rainy Day (4:09)
  7. What You're Looking For (3:52)
  8. Beside Myself (4:21)
  9. Too Much Trouble (2:13)
  10. Love From A Stone (3:26)
  11. Blues Walk (3:57)
  12. Blues Man's Prayer (1:55)
  13. Life's Rainbow (4:15)
  14. Bonus Track (after 2 minutes) Sonny Rhodes interview (20:13)
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